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In virtually all kinds of professional practice, in research and test laboratories, educational and health-care establishments, and almost every sector of industry and commerce, leasing today is firmly established in the mainstream of asset finance. Because it provides flexible funding which enables users to enjoy the practical benefits of a very wide range of assets without eroding their working capital.

Not surprisingly, there are different asset financing arrangements to suit different commercial situations and requirements. Careful guidance is offered by Broadway Leasing to set out clearly the key features of the principal types of leasing - and to guide clients towards the most efficient and effective financing solution to match their own specific requirements.

Why Lease?

How to stay one step ahead of the competition


Especially when the economic climate is so challenging, businesses and organisations of many different types, however large or small, find that finance leasing can be the key to open up new options – and major benefits – in the efficient use of their resources.

In effect, leasing makes finance work harder for your business, providing the funding to acquire the assets it needs for its growth and development – but without consuming its working capital. So you gain without delay the use and competitive advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment, furnishings or facilities you need, without having first to find the capital to cover their purchase.

If your commercial development – or even survival – depends on keeping pace with rapidly advancing technology, asset leasing can be specially useful – offering you the financial flexibility you need to update or upgrade key equipment, and to take on the constant challenge of technical obsolescence.


Why Broadway Leasing?

We take real pride in our different approach - in which - people matter most. So we never forget that our clients are not institutions, but people – individuals, like you, with personal objectives, priorities, and specific requirements. That’s why we believe so strongly in direct person-to-person contact with all our clients – unlike so many organisation today…..we never treat people as numbers!

Lawrence Peppi


Broadway Leasing Principal, Lawrence Peppi, has specialised for many years in the Asset Finance and Leasing Sector, bringing to the company today the benefits of more than thirty five years of direct, personal experience in this field.

Much of this hands-on experience, prior to the establishment of Broadway Leasing in 1998, was gained through senior appointments involving the organisation of tailor-made financing solutions to facilitate and support business development.

This is why Broadway Leasing has never been “just another equipment leasing company” and why its approach has been consistently based on the conviction that “people matter most”. Especially in today’s challenging economic climate, the Company operates in the firm belief that business generation depends increasingly on personal contact, highly professional service, and marketing strategies in which clear explanation leads to mutual understanding and trust.


Funding for education equipment... the brighter way ahead


Today more than ever, at virtually every level of education – from pre-school to post-grad – competitive success and development increasingly require sophisticated and expensive equipment and facilities.

Relentless advances in technology – notably in IT and communications – have opened up new and more exciting ways of operating, often creating an entirely new spectrum of opportunities in the development of teaching curricula.

If your school or college needs new equipment – of virtually any kind – leasing can often provide the most cost-efficient, versatile and controllable method of financing your requirements, giving you the competitive advantages of acquiring the equipment you need, whilst leaving your working capital intact to meet other demands.


Easy, efficient financing for energy projects


With the right finance solution, you may be able to reduce your energy costs, achieve a pay back on your investment and utilise energy savings to pay for the project whilst preserving liquidity and cash reserves.

A healthy environment supports a sustainable future. That’s why we provide financing for projects that promote energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy. These projects reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation and sustainability of our natural resources.

We offer specialised financial solutions for products, services and processes that improve operational performance, productivity and efficiency while reducing and minimising costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste or environmental pollution.





Enabling you to acquire the latest technology for your business


Rapid advances in both materials and systems – particularly in fields such as microchip, digital and robotic technologies – have truly revolutionised whole industries and their markets, fundamentally changing the way they operate and the equipment they need to do so.

Keeping pace with the equipment your organisation needs – and your market most probably expects – has frequently become a necessity more than an option.

In this situation, asset leasing offers particular advantages, providing a manageable and tax efficient financial means of acquiring the technology and facilities you require – to help you stay ahead of your competition.


Keeping pace with the latest medical and healthcare equipment


The UK market for medical equipment has increased in value significantly over the last few years. Strong growth has been driven by the UK’s growing population, large increases in spending on national healthcare and the increasing advancement of sophisticated medical technology and the rising costs associated with it.

This can often make major demands on capital resources and this is primarily why the private medical and healthcare sector is increasingly finding finance leasing a cost-effective way ahead in funding new equipment and facilities.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or user of specialised medical equipment, you’ll be well aware that your success might depend on keeping pace with advancing technology. But the ever-growing constraints imposed by the banks in providing financial support to the medical sector requiring new equipment are now a key factor in today’s economic climate.

The Key Benefits of Leasing

An invaluable asset for any growing business



Professional Advice

Conserving Capital

Client Satisfaction

Company Growth

Conserves your working capital for other purposes
Preserves your existing lines of credit
Simplifies your budgeting through regular fixed payments
Can evolve in response to your equipment needs, giving you the flexibility to update, extend or upgrade
Provides controllable, convenient and tax-efficient funding
Helps to insulate your business from the problems of depreciation and rapidly obsolete technology

In short, finance leasing could offer you the most cost-effective way ahead in funding the development of your business.

Case Studies

Genuine success stories from Broadway Leasing



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We have been conducting business with Broadway Leasing for the past 15 years to help facilitate the Company’s Asset Finance requirements. It is an important factor for the Company to work with the right supplier partners, to help meet our business growth objectives. In Broadway Leasing, we have a trusted  partner, who has assisted in meeting this strategy.

Broadway Leasing has always provided the ‘personal touch’ with transparency throughout - from early discussions to implementation and completion of new business. This saves valuable management time and is just one of the advantages we have in dealing with an experienced and valued partner.

Simon Tidswell, Group Financial Director, NIC Services Group Ltd.

As a Veterinary Practice having to constantly upgrade our equipment, we have found Broadway Leasing an invaluable source of finance over the last few years, having purchased some very expensive equipment on no fewer than four occasions thanks to their help. The service we have been provided by this company has been tailored to our needs and sourced quickly and without issue on each occasion.

Add to this, the personal efforts of their Director, Lawrence Peppi, who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure everything is as we require and who is involved throughout the whole process.

Can’t praise them enough.

Stevan Orrell, Director, Orrell Equine Veterinary Practice Ltd

I have worked with Lawrence on various lease finance transactions since 2016 when I first met him. Lawrence provides a first class service and has never failed to deliver our expectations.

Lawrence takes care of everything from the point that we raise the initial concept, through to dealing with suppliers, Lease Finance providers and procuring the funding. The standard and quality of documentation is impeccable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Broadway Leasing

Rod Morris, Chief Financial Officer, Chesterfield College.

We have been successfully associated with Broadway Leasing and our point of contact, Lawrence Peppi, for 7 years. We work across several Primary Care Sectors and Veterinary Practices across the U.K and have been professionally supported by Lawrence and his team on numerous occasions.

Broadway Leasing have a large portfolio of support mechanisms in place, which we have used to secure a great deal of business. We continue to work together on new clients and projects.

Nigel J.Bannister, Managing Director, Dental Decontamination Limited.

I have known Lawrence and the team at Broadway leasing for a number of years now. We have used them on numerous occasions and have had excellent service each time.

The process that is carried out is easy for me as the customer. Lawrence did all the work and the efficiency was first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Broadway Leasing to anyone that I do business with.

Lisette Hinde, Director, Protelx Limited.

The help, guidance and leasing services provided by Lawrence and his team at Broadway Leasing have been invaluable to us over the years, so much so, that we consider them commercially 'family'.

Prompt, reliable and attentive. They are a joy to work with.

Steele Williams, Director, Train Fitness International Limited.

I have used Broadway Leasing on several occasions over the past few years and have always found them to be extremely honest and easy to deal with.

Not only have they provided me with a competitive proposal but their level of experience and advice that they are able to offer, has made them invaluable while setting up my business.

Lawrence is a true gentleman, always available and willing to go the ‘extra mile’. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Mr Andrew Clemmet, Director, AMC 2020 Limited T/A WA14


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